How To Join!

Welcome to the SJSU Formula SAE Team; Spartan Racing
Before diving head first into the world of FSAE, you will need to become an official Formula SAE member. This document will go over all of the necessary steps required to join the Spartan Racing Internal Combustion team.


In order to become an Intern on the Spartan Racing Combustion team, you must complete the steps below. Please note, there is no particular order you must complete these steps in.

  1. Choose a Sub-Team to join for the Season
    • Spartan Racing is comprised of five different Sub-Teams (Aerodynamics, Chassis, Powertrain, Suspension and Business). While it is not required, we do recommend that new students attend a variety of Sub-Team meetings before making their final decision.
  2. Pay your $80 team fee
    • Engineering a new race car every year gets expensive. With everyone contributing a small monetary amount we can help offset our manufacturing and operating costs.
  3. Complete the Online Application
    • By having new members fill out this online application we gain valuable information about who is on our team. From these applications we can easily have access to your contact information and have a greater understanding of each individual’s skillsets and connections.

At the time of an intern you cannot be a major system designer, buy any team gear (except t shirts), mention FSAE on a resume; an intern is on a trial basis. At end of the semester, we will assess each intern and either make them a full member, continue as intern, or take away intern status and ask to apply during next fall when schedule/availability allows for FSAE.