What Sponsorships Mean to Us

And what you can gain from them

Your contributions enable us to refine our designs and production methods and gain invaluable experience in applied engineering design and management.

By donating to Spartan Racing, you are directly enabling San Jose State students to participate in a full-scale engineering project that inspires them and the future generation of students in STEM fields.

All contributions are tax deductible as we are a 501C(3) non-profit organization.

Contributors can gain exposure to an international audience through vehicle decals, team apparel, towing vehicle decals/vinyls, our website, monthly newsletters, and social media.

"One exposure/access point for SpaceX that is out-side of the the schools is the FSAE competition in Michigan each year. FSAE draws teams from many different schools, and the teams basically design and build a racecar from scratch. It's an amazing event; and SpaceX uses the event to pick up some of the best gear-heads in the country"

Diamond Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

  • A-1
  • CalSpan
  • Destiny ToolX
  • IEEE
  • Synol
  • M&M Jig Grinding
  • Monster Energy
  • 376 Synthetics
  • Amex Plating
  • AEM
  • Tropos Technologies
  • Pacific Heat Treat
  • SAE MidCal
  • Santa Clara Valley ASME
  • Schroth
  • Shorai Batteries
  • Swift Engineering
  • TenCate
  • Western Digital
  • Ansys
  • Mishimoto
  • SMC